St. Andrew’s has a variety of technology resources available for both our students and their parents to use.

Online Campus Community

All Students and Parents have access to our Online Campus Community, which is accessible by logging into our webpage here or at the top of this page.

Student and Parent Pages

Logging into our website with your web credentials (these have been previously provided  to you or can be obtained by clicking the “forgot user id/password” link)  will direct you to your personal homepage where you have quick access to announcements, recent grades, class information, and more.  From here you can also access NetClassroom for a deeper look into academic progress.

My Saint Dashboard

From your homepage a link is available to your My Saint Dashboard.  This page is a centralized location to access resources throughout St. Andrew’s.  From here you can reset your web credentials, register for events, view news, browse directories, find links to all of our technology resources and view tutorials on how to access them.

St. Andrew’s Email

All Students are given a St. Andrew’s student email which is accessible either by clicking here, or any email link on this page.  School email can also be configured on mobile devices (Smart Phones, Tablets, etc.) However, data rates may apply when not connected to our internal Wi-Fi.  Detailed instructions on how to access student email and connect it to different devices can be found on your My Saint Dashboard, under Technology & Communication > Technology Tutorials.

Virtual Desktop Server

St. Andrew’s has migrated away from traditional PCs in favor of a Virtual Desktop Server.  Students can store all their schoolwork on their networked H:\ Drive, which is accessible anytime a Student connects to the server.  This server is fully accessible both on and off campus.  Detailed instructions on how to access the server can be found on your My Saint Dashboard, under Technology & Communication > Technology Tutorials.

Technology Infrastructure

St. Andrew’s Wi-Fi

 There is full Wi-Fi coverage over most of the St. Andrew’s Campus..  During the school day students are encouraged to connect their devices to the Wi-Fi for academic purposes only.  Students should not connect devices for personal reasons such as data fee avoidance.

St. Andrew’s Computer Labs

St. Andrew’s has five computer labs on campus including the library, as well as two mobile labs.  Students will use these labs throughout their academic careers here at St. Andrew’s, and they will be exposed to many different educational applications through the direction of their teachers.

Technology Support

If students are experiencing issues with any St. Andrew’s technology they can email the Technology Department at support@standrews-ri.org.  If more immediate assistance is required they should notify a faculty member who can contact us directly.  If Parents are experiencing issues accessing School related technology resources, they can email the Technology Department as well.  The Technology Department is not able to support or repair personal devices.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Students are permitted to bring their own devices to campus to use in their academic endeavors. The use of devices during class is at the discretion of the individual teacher.  Personal devices should be used primarily to access the Virtual Desktop Server, as all School resources are preprogrammed into this environment (i.e. printing, favorite places, specialized software, etc.).  If a student works directly on his/her own device files can be easily transferred to the Virtual Desktop Server via email to the student’s School account or via flash drive.  We will be working to further enhance this platform throughout the year.


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    Matthew Cerullo
    Director of Technology
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