A St. Andrew’s Education

St Andrew’s School, located in Barrington, Rhode Island, is an independent college preparatory day and boarding school for students in grades 6-12 and a post-graduate year (PG).  Founded in 1893, this historic, 70-acre campus is only 15 minutes from Providence, Rhode Island and an hour from Boston, Massachusetts.

Our college preparatory curriculum is paced according to student needs. Our dedicated and caring teachers take the time to ensure that students understand the process of learning and the skills needed to succeed in the various disciplines.  Faculty serve as trusted advisers, helping to guide and to support students, academically and socially.

St. Andrew’s students have opportunities open to them in ways not previously imagined. Parents speak of their children, who are dedicated athletes becoming interested in the arts.  Often, students who have never played a sport, discover lacrosse or tennis and find a lifelong passion.  Many students who have struggled in conventional classrooms discover an affinity for Theater—and a gateway to the world of literature or history via this art form.

Specifically, because this is a small school, students are encouraged to truly delve into their interests and develop expertise in areas as diverse as technical theater, writing or environmental science.

At St. Andrew’s we do not prescribe to the "one size fits all" approach and therefore design our program to meet each student where they are at. We believe that our small class size of 10 to 12 students, and student-teacher ratio of 4:1, is the best environment to engage students in the act of learning.  When our students graduate and attend college, they do so with the knowledge and the confidence to be successful.

Bill’s House, one of our boys’ dormitories, was compled in fall of 2014.

Margot's House, one of the girls' dormitories, was completed in fall 2012.

   Stephanie Morin
   Director of Admissions
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   Kristel Dunphy
   Associate Director
   of Admissions and
   Director of Financial Aid

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   Shane Dunphy
   Assistant Director
   of Admissions

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   Molly Robinson
Office Manager
   Admissions & Development
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