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Tuition and Financial Aid

The foundation of an education at St. Andrew's is an important investment in your child's future and none more rewarding. A source of tremendous pride and satisfaction comes from seeing your son or daughter become a confident and independent learner. We understand that the cost of an independent school education is a significant undertaking for many families, and one of our many goals is to establish a program that enables students to participate as members of our dynamic community regardless of financial ability, and make a St. Andrew's education accessible to qualified students. This school year alone, 53% of St. Andrew's student body received financial aid which is awarded on the basis of demonstrated financial need. These awards are reviewed annually and are contingent upon continued demonstrated financial need, as well as good academic and social standing.

To be eligible for consideration for financial aid at St. Andrew’s School, you must complete your application online at National Association of Independent Schools - NAIS starting November 1, 2013).

NAIS has gone green and there are no Financial Aid paper applications this year!

Please note that financial aid requests are not considered until after a candidate has been accepted to St. Andrew’s School. In addition, acceptance does not automatically mean that a family’s request for financial aid will be granted.

The applications for 2014/2015 are accessible directly with SSS by NAIS (  For help with login or questions please call (800) 344-8328.

To complete your Financial Aid request, please submit copies of two years of your family’s federal income tax information to NAIS.  That is both 2012 & 2013 (form 1040, 1040EZ, or 1040A including all schedules) by February 15, 2014, and your W-2’s for 2013, can be sent to as soon as you receive them in January.  You can upload to NAIS directly.  Here is a link for an informational tutorial that can help parents along the way:

Click here to download the 2014-15 SSS Parents' Family Guide to Financial Aid and here to download 2014-15 instructions.

Help with Document Collection (web page)

Applying for Financial Aid


STEP 1. Indicate interest in Financial Aid on Admissions application

STEP 2. Begin your Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS)

STEP 3. Complete Your Financial Aid Request



Complete the PFS

    2014 - 2015 TUITION
Day-Student Program
    (Grs 6-PG): $34,100/Year
  Day-Learning Services
    (Grs 6-PG): $44,500/Year
•  ESL Program: $6,900/Year
•  Academic Tutorial: $4,450/Year
•  Speech & Language:
  Boarding-Student Program
    (Grs 9-PG): $51,500/Year
  Boarding-Learning Services
    (Grs 9-PG): $61,900/Year
  Boarding Intl' Student Program
    (Grs 9-PG): $52,050/Year
•  ESL Program: $6,900/Year

Personal/Activity Fund:
    $1,500/Year Average
  Security Deposit:
    $100/One Time
  Transportation/Special Weekend Costs: Varies Considerably

Book Costs: $600/Year Average
  Sr. Fee (Gr. 12 only): $400/Year
  Student Accident Insurance - optional, Rate subject to change by insurer: Pending
  International Student Health Insurance - mandatory, Rate subject change by insurer: $985/School Year
  Parent Association Dues - voluntary, Supports activites of Parent Association: $35.00
  Meals: Included
  Field Trips, non-overnight: Generally Included - Varies
  Field Trips, overnight: Fee based - Varies
  Athletic Fees: Generally Included
  Returned Check/Insufficient Funds Fees: $30.00

All rates indicated are as of February 1, 2014. Insurance rates subject to change upon carrier modification. The information shown here represents the authorized rates fro service during the 2014-2015 school year. No rates are to be quoted for special or partial programs without the Business Office authorization.


    2013-2014 FINANCIAL AID
•  Total Amount Awarded: 
•  Average Financial Aid Given: 
    -  Day Student: $22,252
    -  Boarding Student: $33,869
•  Number of Students Receiving
    Financial Aid: 100 (49%)


   Stephanie Morin
   Director of Admissions
   and Financial Aid

   Ph: 401.246.1230 Ext. 3025

   Kristel Dunphy
   Associate Director of
   Admissions & Financial Aid

   Ph: 401.246.1230 Ext. 3053


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