Academics Overview

At St. Andrew’s, we trust that all students can succeed and our program of personalized education is designed to maximize every student’s potential. While our process varies in structure for the Middle and Upper School, the overall philosophy that links student success to engaged and dedicated teachers working in the classroom remains paramount.

With an average class size of 10, academics at St. Andrew’s is personal. Truly, there is no “back of the class” because we create a setting that is small in size, and allows teachers to individualize instruction while also creating an environment of strong personal interaction between the students and our experienced faculty. Students recognize that teachers care deeply about their success and help them to achieve their goals through a combination of self discovery and guidance. This is further enhanced by the twice daily advising program that matches 6-7 students with an adviser who connect with them every day and keeps in regular contact with each student’s parents.

While the ultimate goal for our graduates is a successful college placement, the process by which our students arrive at that goal is multi-faceted. The curriculum is designed specifically so that each grade builds upon a foundation laid, while reinforcing the skills and knowledge already gained. In the Lower School we work on skills and developing a love for learning. In the Middle School we advance those skills further while introducing students to critical thinking and synthesis of thought. In the Upper School we challenge students to problem solve, develop a world view, and to take personal responsibility for their own education. As a result, we feel wholeheartedly that St. Andrew’s graduates are confident in their abilities and ready to meet the challenges of college and beyond.

Netclassroom - Communicating and providing valuable information
to parents and students

St. Andrew's recognizes the importance of communication between parents, teachers, and students. In order to make this a seamless process, we use the communication system NetClassroom that allows us to easily share student information between teachers and parents. It enables parents to check their child’s grades, and schedule, as well as print report cards — all conveniently from home or the office. NetClassroom also allows students to view daily assignments and grades from a secure Web site where informaton is kept secure because parents/students enter NetClassroom using a unique password that restricts access to only their individual record.  

    •  2016-17 ACADEMIC

   Michael Morin
   Director of Upper School 
   Ph: 401.246.1230 Ext. 3046

   Dr. Dana Gurney
   Director of Learning Services 
   Ph: 401.246.1230 Ext. 3048



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