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The St. Andrew’s community has developed several guidelines to create an efficient and comprehensive online bookstore to service the needs of our families. In preparation for next year’s classes, it is important that all parents are mindful of ordering textbooks prior to September 1st. The online bookstore will be open as of June 5.

Middle and Upper School students

In the following months, you will receive your child’s course schedule, which you will need in order to ensure that you purchase the appropriate books. Once on the St. Andrew’s School portion of the Classbook.com Web site, select the Middle School or Upper School section of the site.

The Middle School sections are separated by grade 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th. Choose the appropriate grade and the required textbooks. The Upper School section is separated by department (e.g. Humanities, Foreign Language, Math and Science, etc.). Identify the department, go to that section, and select the textbooks that match your student’s courses. Continue this process until textbooks are purchased for all courses on your schedule.

For those families who do not have access to the Internet, there is also a toll-free telephone number (877-477-6217) that can be utilized to order textbooks. Classbook.com will accept all major credit cards, checks, and money orders. In the instance of checks or money orders, the textbook shipment will be put on hold at the time of checkout until the funds are received. Boarding families may choose to have their textbooks either shipped to their home or directly to the School via bulk shipment in August. As a service, we will gladly store the textbooks for our boarding families so students do not have to add textbook weight to their luggage. Day students may not send their textbooks to the School. It is important to note that a "new" textbook becomes a “used” textbook the moment it is written in, including a student’s name. If there is any possibility that a course may be changed during the add-drop period at the beginning of school, it is highly recommended that students do not write in their textbook. Any related textbook returns must be handled directly with Classbook.com.

Some school districts will furnish textbooks, or reimbursement for textbooks, for students attending non-public schools. To verify your town’s participation in the program, you are advised to call your town’s school district office. Your town may require ISBN numbers and other information on these textbooks.

International Students

• International Students will no longer directly order their textbooks online.
• A textbook deposit fee of $600.00 will be added to each International Student’s bill to help streamline their transition into the St. Andrew community. The International Students’ textbooks will be ordered by St. Andrew’s School in advance and distributed to the student, upon their request.
• Once the final textbook cost is known, any difference between the deposit and actual charges will be credited or charged to the individual student’s bank account.
• We believe that you will find shopping on our online bookstore to be an easy and convenient experience. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Harold Sands at ext. 3036.


All families must purchase their textbooks at the online bookstore before September 1st. The School will not have an inventory of textbooks available for purchase on campus. The site can be accessed via the Internet as directed below:

Click here to order books online (Where prompted, type in the School’s zip code 02806.)


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