Community Service

The Community Service program at St. Andrew’s school was instituted to develop positive values, to increases appreciation of our world, to enhance self-esteem, and to make the world a better place! We encourage students to volunteer for the projects we offer – short or long term – on or off campus but we also encourage them to develop a passion for service that stems from their own experience. The Community Service Program requires incoming freshmen to perform 10 hours of community service throughout the course of the year within the School community; sophomores are required to complete 20 hours and juniors must complete 30 hours of community service, either within the School community or off campus. Seniors must complete 40 hours of Community Service as part of their graduation requirement. It should also be noted that students in grades 10-12 must complete at least half of their required service hours within the United States, though many international students find community service opportunities in their home countries. As a result, a student who spends four years at St. Andrew’s will perform a minimum of 100 hours of service, but in fact most students plan to go well beyond the requirement.

On campus service opportunities include, but are not limited to, giving campus tours, creating a bulletin board for the health center or helping the development office with a major mailing. Off campus opportunities may be serving at a soup kitchen in Providence, volunteering at an animal shelter, cleaning up our local beaches or assisting at a summer camp. Some students have earned their hours by going abroad to serve on short-term mission trips or volunteering at non-profits in the country in which they live. 


(Per academic year)
- Freshmen 10
- Sophomores 20
- Juniors 30
- Seniors 40
  (Mandatory for graduation)

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