The St. Andrew's Annual Fund

Maintaining quality and strength in our community

The St. Andrew's Fund maintains every part of the school's budget including academic programs, faculty salaries, scholarships, technology, athletics, arts, and facilities maintenance. Gifts to the St. Andrew's Fund have a direct impact on the quality of our students experience every day. The St. Andrew's Fund provides us with the flexibility to respond quickly to new opportunities and meet unexpected challenges. Click here to see your St. Andrew's Fund dollars at work.

St. Andrew's School has three sources of income to use for our operating budget: tuition, endowment, and annual support from donations. A decrease in one puts enormous pressure on the other two. The St. Andrew's Fund must cover 7% of our operation budget each year; that is nearly $600,000. Therefore, donations to the St. Andrew's Fund from all members of our community are critical to the operations of the school and the experience of each child.

Your Participation - Each and every gift is counted and has an impact

We are extremely grateful for our donors with the means to make a sizeable gift to the St. Andrew's Fund. Their gifts provide us with the corpus for the fund and often inspire others to give.

The smaller, yet equally generous gift, has an essential role in the strength of the St. Andrew's Fund and the life of the school. First, many gifts add up – the collective efforts of our donors create the foundation for the St. Andrew's Fund. Second, corporations and foundations look closely at the number of donors from our community as a key measure when they determine grants to the school. This means that when more people give, it puts St. Andrew's in a favorable position to receive grants.

Your gift, at any level, will keep the St. Andrew's Fund strong and have a direct impact on the quality of the St. Andrew's experience for each child.


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