Planned Giving

The 1893 Society—A Lasting Gift

St. Andrew’s has been the fortunate beneficiary of a number of legacy gifts that have helped to grow the School’s permanent endowment, providing lasting support for programs such as scholarships and faculty development. The 1893 Society is a group of forward-thinking people who have included the School in their will, or who have named the School as a beneficiary of a planned gift.

Many people are under the misconception that making a significant gift to St. Andrew’s is impossible under their current circumstances. What you may discover in considering a planned gift is:

• Your giving capacity expands dramatically;
• You may receive an immediate tax deduction while avoiding capital gains;
• The gift provides you with a sense of philanthropic accomplishment.

Planned gift options can provide for family and other beneficiaries, offer tax benefits to the donor, and allow the donor to make a substantial gift to St. Andrew’s. During the last 10 years, St. Andrew’s has received more than $6 million in the form of bequests or planned gifts from individuals who care about the School and have seen the many tax and philanthropic advantages of this type of gift.

Your gift can have a lasting impact on St. Andrew’s and its students. We urge you to review your personal estate planning objectives with your own legal and financial advisors. Contact the Development Office or the Head Master for further assistance.

Members of the 1893 Society

Virginia E. Beachen*
Robert and Doni Blumenstock
Alfred Buckley, Jr.*
Robert B. Campbell '74
Edith Chisholm
Jonathan R. Conklin
Beverly and Kirke Everson, Jr.*
Frederick R. Griffiths*
John and Elizabeth Harker
Rosemarie and Richard Hill '56
Winifred and Harold Hitchen, Jr. '51
Joseph Hoxie '42
Gordon and Diane Hutton
Mildred A. Jodat*
Frederick and Betsy Johnson
Lester and Linda* Keats

Sandra and Charles Knowles '67
Jacqueline and David* MacDonald '47
Ernest and Diane Martin '57
Mary E. McCulloch*
Dorothy R. and Norman E. McCulloch, Jr.
Virginia Newhall
Michael Poppers and Cheryl Amantea
George* and Barbara Sage
Ruth F. Scobie*
Catherine and Robert* Shadd, Esq.
Lillian and Dr. Leslie* A. Walker 
Stephen and Jane Waters
Charlotte A. Wetherell* 

* = Deceased


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