Endowed Funds

Endowed Funds are an essential part of St. Andrew’s future as they provide a steady stream of income from the endowment into the yearly operation of the School. Funds are designated for various purposes that includes financial aid, faculty compensation, or maintenance of the campus. For a fund to be named, the corpus of the fund must be $25,000 or higher. Many generous donors decide to provide gifts over a designated time frame such that the endowed fund eventually is named. This is a wonderful way to honor the memory of family or the achievements of friends of the school. Select categories below to see a detailed listing.

Endowed Faculty Support

Ernest Augat Faculty Chair for Student Center Activities
Adrian A. Hurley Faculty Chair for Mathematics
Alfred and Lenora Glancy Fund for Faculty Salaries
Maxwell Mays Faculty Chair for Art Department
St. Andrew's Educators Fund

Endowed Awards

Louis W. Downes College Scholarships Fund
Gladys Trudeau Fischer Fund for Faculty Exemplary Service
Elizabeth H. Green College Scholarship Fund
SAPA Commitment to Community Scholarship Fund
Leslie A. and Lillian P. Walker Memorial Scholarship

Endowed Student Support

Edward C. Barrett^ '31 Memorial Scholarship
Beckerer Family Fund
Jessica Blumenstock '96 Scholarship
John Clarke Scholarship
J. Wallace Conklin, M.D. '36 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Reverend Irving A. Evans Scholarship Fund
Alexander H. Hirst Scholarship
Winifred and Harold Hitchen, Jr. '51 Scholarship Fund
George Flint Hoadley '52 Scholarship Fund
Richard W. Lisle Memorial Scholarship Fund
June Rockwell Levy Scholarship
Ida Ballou Littlefield Scholarship Fund
Anna P. and Bradford R. Martin, Sr. Scholarship Fund
Newhall Family Scholarship Fund
Michael J. Raffa Scholarship Fund
Fred M. Roddy Scholarship Fund
Bertha H. Sawyer Scholarship Fund
Charles A. F. Smith, Jr. '42 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Philip D. Snyder ’02 Scholarship Fund
Sorin Scholarship Fund
Herbert W. Spink Scholarship Fund
Jeff Taber Scholarship Fund
Technology Endowment Fund
Stephen G. Waters Scholarship
Weekend Endowment Fund

Endowed Operating Support

Conklin Family Fitness Center Fund
Endowed Restricted Support
Eric B. Jacober '07 Fund for Cross Country
Sandra Nichols Willard Fund for Basketball
Alice Spink Memorial Fund for Library Support
St. Andrew’s Depreciation Reserve Fund for Capital Assets Maintenance
Happy White Endowment for the Visual Arts

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