When you look closely inside the St. Andrew's community you will find an extraordinary group of caring individuals who support the school with their time, their talent, and their treasure. How magnificent it is to unite, working together for the advancement of our mission and the success of our students!

Each and every day, we benefit from the hard work of enthusiastic people who improve the quality of life for our community. The teacher who stays late inspires creativity and confidence in a student. The workers behind the scenes make our musicals into unforgettable productions. The caller who encourages others to donate helps sustain our budgets and builds buildings. It is the Trustee who watches over us who keeps our vision strong. All of these individuals and others show their love for St. Andrew's with their generosity of spirit.

The St. Andrew's community is truly grateful for the support of our volunteers and donors.

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  Brenda Hunter Migliaccio
Director of Development
  Ph: 401.246.1230 Ext. 3033

  Cara Massey
Assistant Director
  of Development
  Ph: 401.246.1230 Ext. 3028

  Pamela Durant Farmer
Assistant Director
  of Development
  for Alumni Relations
  Ph: 401.246.1230 Ext. 3128

  Molly Robinson
Office Manager
  Admissions & Development
  Ph: 401.246.1230 Ext. 3044


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