Fitness Center

In 2007, St. Andrew’s School built the Fitness Center in the Karl P. Jones Gymnasium. This 2,600 square foot state-of-the art facility was designed and equipped to provide the students, faculty, and staff at St. Andrew’s with a modern venue for aerobics and weight training.

The Fitness Center houses an aerobic training room that includes three treadmills, three elliptical cross-training machines, and three stationary bikes all equipped with personal cable TV connections. This room also includes a circuit training area with separate machines to provide strength, definition, and tone for different muscle groups. A distinct weight training room incorporates racks of free weights, dumbbells, weight benches, and bars along with other equipment designed to provide a full-weight training experience. Also included is the Athletic Trainer’s office as well as a Trainer’s room supplied with equipment and medical supplies for the treatment and prevention of athletic injuries.

As a popular destination for student athletes and non-athletes alike, the Fitness Center has evolved into a place where the day-to-day stress of school life can melt away with a run on the treadmill with your friend by your side or alone with your favorite music! Beyond the regular scheduled hours, opportunities exist in the fall, winter, or spring sports seasons to enroll in an after-school fitness program, and in fact, these sessions are now in great demand.


To ensure the proper and safe operation of the equipment the School requires that all users are trained by either the Athletic Trainer or Athletic Director prior to equipment use. Once the students are properly trained, a custom access card is provided to operate the facilities key card access system. While hours of operations vary – the facility is open seven days per week during the school year and opens early and closes late providing both boarders and day students an opportunity for physical fitness.

   Monday - Friday:
   6:00 am - 10:00 pm
   Saturday - Sunday:
   9:00 am - 10:00 pm


   Michael Hart
   Director of Athletics
   Ph: 401.246.1230 Ext. 3041

   Valerie Webber
   Head Athletic Trainer
   and Asst. Director of Athletics

   Ph: 401.246.1230 Ext. 3067


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