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SATURDAY, MAY 16, 2015 • 6:30 PM

for nineteen years of service to the St. Andrew's School community.


Many people who make up our community their heartfelt thoughts about what St. Andrew's means to them.

Joseph Accaoui '07

"The small classes and dedication of the faculty allowed me to achieve high academic results, even while excelling in basketball. I will never forget my teachers - they helped me not only academically but spiritually and emotionally. And they were just as supportive of me on the court as they were in the classroom; they attended so many basketball games, I'd have to say that they were our biggest fans!"


William Coyle

Maintenance Supervisor
"When I think about St. Andrew's, I think about caring. The whole community; students, staff and families really care about each other, whether it's a get well card for someone that is sick or simply helping someone out. Everyone does what they can for each other." 



Rebecca Douglass '10

"Since arriving at St. Andrew's my freshman year, I've become more confident in everything I do. Without St. Andrew's, I wouldn't feel the way I do now - proud of myself."



Pamela Faulkner

"When I think of St. Andrew's, I think of a close-knit, loving community full of energy and spirit. I also think of caring teachers and administrators who instill in each student a sense of self-confidence and a can-do attitude no matter what the circumstances." 


Eric Hill

Director of Student Life
"We are blessed to call it home."


Richard Hill '56

 "St. Andrew's was my home. It instilled a good work ethic in me and the traits I needed to become a productive citizen. St. Andrew's educated, nurtured, and provided me with a strong foundation, and today I am grateful to be in a position to be able give back to the school." 


Harold Hitchen, Jr. '51

Trustee Emeritus and Alumnus

"During the many years I have been associated with St. Andrew's, all the people I have met have always had the best interest of the school at heart. The school has greatly benefitted from people of all backgrounds."



Mark Hosley, MD, Ph.D & Bonnie Bower, DDS

Alumni Parents
"St. Andrew's community is a network of people - staff, students, families and friends - committed to seeing students reach their full potential. We cherish the relationships forged during our six years at St. Andrew's and, as parents, we revel in the success Sarah has become - due in no small part to that community."


Douglas Johnson 
Faculty and Alumni Parent
"St. Andrew's is more than a place to receive a quality education. It is a place where people with a varied background come to live, study, work and play. It is a place where the adults in the community work hard for the betterment of the students we have the pleasure to work with. It is a place where families are raised right in front of, and in concert with the students who live and attend school here. St. Andrew's is a community where the students can be taken out of their comfort zones and experience individual growth. This is done through the academics, athletics, the arts, and social interaction. It is a school where a great deal of caring occurs, where God is at work and miracles happen. There is also a history where this has been happening for over one hundred years. For me, it is a place I have looked forward to coming in to work each day since 1981, and has given me the opportunity to live a meaningful life."


Lester Keats

Friend of St. Andrew's

"To me St. Andrew's School is walking across the campus with Head Master John Martin and having him greet every student by name and have a brief chat. It means going to a basketball game or a dramatic presentation and enjoying how the kids come, in great numbers, to enthusiastically support their fellow students."




Eric B. Mack '00

Trustee and Alumni
"St. Andrew's has provided me with opportunities that I could not have had anywhere else - opportunities that have allowed me to become the person I am today. It is a place that has changed my life forever, and the people I met there have become part of my family."


Janet Maloney

"I treasure the sense of community we enjoy at St. Andrew's. In this small, but diverse school, I find there to be an interconnectedness between the activities in my classroom and my students' artistic, athletic, cultural and social experiences. All members of our community contribute to this tapestry of the St. Andrew's experience. And, as communal members of this community, we are each entitled to take personal pride in the holistic development and accomplishments of our students." 


Dorothy R. and Norman E. McCulloch, Jr.

"Dotty and I enthusiastically support John Martin's leadership in building community. The new facilities and the scholarship funds are giant steps!" 


Susan McGann

Faculty, Alumni Parent, and Grandparent
"Everyone ought to have a time in their life when they deserve to shine, and St. Andrew's gives our students and faculty that chance. Here, I have found a lifetime of friendships in a place where I am able to explore my own pursuits and share them with my students. Every person here is part of a family that encourages individuality, confidence and success. I am so proud to be part of this caring, supportive community." 


Wayne Montague '77
Trustee Emeritus and Alumni
"When I think of all that I have accomplished, I think of St. Andrew's School and all of the fine people at this wonderful school that nurtured me and helped me become the person that I am today. Without St. Andrew's School I don't know where I would be today. The lessons that I have learned at St. Andrew's School have defined my life."


Michael and Katherine Morin
Director of Upper School and Parents
"To me, St. Andrew's means opportunities and confidence. Opportunities - for an individualized and outstanding education, of course; but also to place others ahead of yourself, to say thank you, and to form close friendships. Confidence - to go outside your comfort zone in the classroom, stage or playing field, and to believe in yourself as a learner and a person." 



Christopher & Kimberly O'Donoghue
Alumni Parents
“Libby and I often just sit and chat about "things" and those "things" often include a chat about school. School for Libby is a good thing! School for Libby is all about St. Andrew's and life before St. Andrew's was not always so good. Libby attended a public school in a small suburban town where education was taught to the majority of the students. Unfortunately, when it came to learning, Libby was a minority. Libby was once observed and described by her peers as a well behaved, cute kid, full of spunk, athletically inclined and popular outside of the classroom. She was also easily distracted, confused and frustrated. Being removed from the classroom for short periods of time for extra help only added to her frustration level and compounded her difficulties. A typical night of homework for Libby was several hours of drilling or practicing what she missed during the day. This often resulted in a myriad of tears, anger and exhaustion. It seemed like a constant battle to which there was no end. Then along came St. Andrew's…Libby started St. Andrew's as a sixth grader; one of four students. Her frustrations started to disappear. Through skilled approaches and new learning tactics Libby learned to figure things out, not to mention the amazing support and genuine concern she received from her teachers. Libby is now in the 11th grade and although St. Andrew's hasn't always been easy for her, St. Andrew's has taught her to confront and navigate around her learning differences. Learning for Libby will always have its challenges, fears, and struggles and sometimes even a few tears. However, they have molded her to be the kid that she is today. Her teachers and advisors have worked with Libby endlessly to make sure that she reaches her goals and achieves them. They and the administration truly take an interest regarding her success in the classroom. Her successes in and outside the classroom have been more than we could have ever imagined. While attending one of Libby's recent lacrosse games, the loudest cheers were coming from a group of her teachers. St. Andrew's isn't just a school, it's more like a family. Just being on the campus gives me a sense of pride and contentment, knowing my daughter has become who she is today through St. Andrew's. …a good, cute kid; full of spunk, athletically inclined and popular inside and outside the classroom, that's still Libby's core, but St. Andrew's has added a whole lot more. Thank you St. Andrew's.”


Robert and Patricia Pearson

A young boy, our grandson, due to a learning disability was really struggling in public school and wasn't getting the help he needed. In public school he was being left behind. The faculty at St. Andrew's helped this boy who now is an eager student with good grades. Also now he is looking forward to continuing his education after graduating from St. Andrew's. We also see what a fine young man he is becoming. We congratulate the faculty. 


Vicky B. Posner '02

 “St. Andrew's has and always will be a fond memory and a major part of my life. I spent four years there. Four years that were filled with hard work, guidance, laughter and joy. As I sit here thinking about what to say about my time spent there- I can only say that I have never met such caring people as the faculty of St. Andrew's School. While attending St. Andrew's I quickly learned that it was not only my high school but my home away from home. I felt safe there and happy. My teachers were like family. Each teacher was there with an open door if I ever had a question or needed help. To name a few- Mr. O'Shea, Mrs. White, Mr. Schirber, Mr. and Mrs. Azano, Mrs. McGann and Mrs. Dubuc. Without the help of those teachers mentioned- I wouldn't have made it to where I am today. I went through a terrible family tragedy while in my junior year of high school. I am thankful to St. Andrew's every day that passes for helping me rise above it and continue in the path to success. I have a love for the school and for the people who are a part of it that will never fade. As a recipient of the King Medal (an award given to one senior chosen by the faculty), I take great pride in saying that I was only able to receive that award because of the support that was given to me in the four years of attendance. I now am on the board of alumni at St. Andrew's and an active member in St. Andrew's fundraisers/events. I enjoy remaining a part of what makes St. Andrew's so special- the people. I now visit St. Andrews and see the faces of people who have molded me into the person I am today and greet them with a smile. That smile is permanent. Thank You St. A's.“



Zachary Rosen '10

 "St. Andrew's is a great community for both kids and adults. People are always in a good mood and have a smile on their face. It's small so everyone gets to know everyone else very well. All the teachers are nice and available so you can ask them for help anytime. The kids are nice and easy to get along with so it's not hard for the new students to fit in. St. Andrew's is a great place to be." 


Grant Schilling '11

 "Our community is so helpful! I have always had trouble with math, and my teacher is always willing to help me and spend extra time with me. "


Anne “Twink” (Sage) Sgro and Barbara “Boo” Sage

Trustee and Friend of St. Andrew's
"What makes St. Andrew's special is that every student's individual needs and contributions are accounted for in earnest. The opportunities education offers children are invaluable and substantial. The efforts of the Head Master, staff, teachers and students all contribute to our interest in working with the school's community. St. Andrew's is a special place whose achievements deserve recognition and support. We hope to perpetuate my Father's (George M. Sage) legacy by continuing to support the school and process he so much believed in."


Jeffery and Joan Taber

Trustee Emeritus and Alumni Grandparent
"Over the past 100 years, there have been several changes at St. Andrew's. Our granddaughter represents the latest and best change. Ashley graduated with the class of 2002 and then graduated cum laude from Rhode Island College with a degree in Early Childhood education and Special Education."


Ayannah Thomas '10

"The opportunity to attend St Andrew's as a boarding student has broadened my horizons and opened doors. Our community has taught me independence and maturity."


William and Helen Thompson

"There is no issue more important to us than the education and moral upbringing of our children. We have found an oasis of high standards and dedicated, caring staff and community at St. Andrew's. We give thanks everyday for this wonderful institution, and the association with similarly concerned families at St. Andrew's School."


Hailey Trial '13

"It is like one big family.""Everybody is nice to each other and there is a lot of support. You can be yourself and you don't have to worry about being made fun of."



Austin Verrecchia '14

 "Everyone here is willing to help you when you need it, and since the classes are so small, you get more attention that you usually would. The St. Andrew's Community seems to be growing everyday with new students, teachers, and buildings. I've made lots of new friends." 


Elizabeth and John H. White, Jr.
Trustee and Alumni Parent 
"So many young people, including our son Ben, have been given the opportunity through the St. Andrew's community to launch themselves into the world with a tremendous foundation."

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