St. Andrew’s Summer Programs provide a bridge to the academic school year with arts, educational, computer, and athletic activities for students from grades 1-12. This high-quality camp situated in the suburban setting of Barrington offers playing fields, tennis courts, indoor basketball courts, along with a fully-equipped theater and music room, and classroom labs.

Good News: Not Only is Camp Fun for Kids,
It Can Provide a Valuable Tax Break for Parents

As working parents know, child care arrangements are turned upside down once school lets out for the summer. The answer for many Moms and Dads is camp. Shown below is what you need to know to pocket your savings from Uncle Sam.

• The cost of day camp is eligible for the child and dependent-care tax credit if your child is under the age of 13. Expenses paid for sleep-away camp, however, are not eligible.

• What's the difference? Day camp is treated as a substitute for child care, while sleep-away camp is considered a luxury.· To collect a "Child and Dependent Care Credit," your child must be under 13.

• However, the credit is also available for older children and dependents of any age who are physically or mentally incapacitated.

• A tax credit is more valuable than a deduction because it's a dollar-for-dollar reduction from your tax bill. A deduction, on the other hand, only lowers the amount of income on which you calculate your tax.

• If you have a tax-saving "flexible spending account" at work, the cost of day camp can be paid with money from the plan. Again, overnight camps don't qualify for "flex account" withdrawals. You can claim the child care credit as long as you (and your spouse, if married) have earned income. (A couple can also qualify if one spouse is working and the other is a full-time student or works part-time.) How much is the credit worth? It depends on your income. Check with a tax professional for the exact amount.

• TIP: If you're planning on claiming a credit, get the camp's tax identification number while your child is attending. You must have the number to collect the savings on your tax return. Don't wait until April 15th when you're filing your return to track the number down. By then, the camp will probably be closed for the winter.


(June 23 - August

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