Article I. Name, Mission
Section 1. Name
The name of the organization is the St. Andrew’s Alumni Association, herein referred to as the Association. 

Section 2. Mission
The mission of the St. Andrew’s Alumni Association is to create a community of Alumni committed to St. Andrew’s and its students; to foster meaningful involvement with each other and the school; and to give back so that young people may continue to enjoy the unique St. Andrew’s educational experience for many years to come.

Article II. Membership
Section 1. Membership
Membership in the Association is open to any individual who attended the school, whether a graduate or not, who is or has been a faculty member of the school or has significantly assisted the Association.

Article III. Meetings
Section 1. Scheduled Meetings
The Association shall hold business meetings quarterly throughout the year. The meeting held on Alumni Day shall be considered the “Annual Meeting” at which the officers of the Association shall be elected by the membership.

Section 2. Special Meetings
The Association may hold special meetings throughout the year in addition to the scheduled meetings when called for by the President. Any business transacted at a special meeting must be limited to that which the meeting was called for. Special meetings may also be called for various social events and functions throughout the year.

Section 3. Quorum
A quorum shall consist of 10 members of the Association present. All votes will be determined by a simple majority of the members present.

Article IV. Elected Officers
Section 1. Terms of Office
Elected officers of the Association shall serve a term of two years with no term limits. The elected officers shall be elected at the annual meeting or at a special meeting called for that purpose to fill a term of office if the person elected to the office cannot fulfill the term.

Section 2. Officers
The elected officers of the Association shall be (1) President; (2) Vice President; (3) Secretary and (4) Treasurer.

a. President – The President of the Association shall conduct the meetings of the Association and to oversee the overall operations and activities of the Association.

b. Vice President – The Vice President of the Association shall assist the president in the above and to perform the duties of the President if the President is incapacitated. The Vice President shall maintain a line of communications with the Class Representatives and the Development Office of the school.

c. Secretary – The Secretary shall record the minutes of the scheduled and special meetings and make the minutes available to the membership. The Secretary shall maintain the membership roster of the Association. The Secretary will make notification of the scheduled and special meetings to the members of the Association.

d. Treasurer – The Treasurer shall be responsible for the funds of the Association and give an accounting at the scheduled meetings.

Article V. Nominating Committee
Section 1. Personnel
The Nominating Committee shall be comprised of three people: the outgoing President and two members-at-large from the Association elected at the Annual Meeting. In the event that the outgoing President is unwilling or unable to fulfill this position, a new chair shall be appointed by the Officers. Members of the committee shall serve a two-year term. Members of the Nominating Committee may not place themselves in nomination for an elected office.

Section 2. Duties
The committee shall notify the Association membership, by mail, of all vacancies and expiring terms of the Officers. This mailing should be sent a minimum of eight (8) weeks preceding the Association’s Annual Meeting. The mailing shall include a reply form for members of the Association to nominate themselves or another person for each vacancy. If more than one Alumnus desires that position, it shall be decided on the criteria that such a person shows participation in school and Alumni Association activities, encouraging new members, attendance at meetings, and general good will toward the school.

Section 3. Slate
The proposed slate shall be presented at the Annual Meeting of the Alumni Association. The membership of the Alumni Association shall elect the slate of Officers by a majority vote at said Annual Meeting.

Section 4. Vacancies
If vacancies occur in any position, the Nominating Committee shall present nominations to the Officers to fill the unexpired term.

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