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College Information
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The college placement process is facilitated and enhanced by the internet.  In all phases of the college process, from student registration for standardized tests, to college searches, college applications, financial-aid information and application, the online universe is an invaluable resource.  Coupled with our guidance, dynamic and efficient online resources amplify the scope of the college search and individualize the context of the student’s college plan.  

In most instances, whether creating an online account or registering for a standardized test, at some point you will have to provide a St. Andrew’s school code.

St. Andrew’s CEEB code is:  400250    

Please contact the Director of College Counseling if you have any questions about these or any other online resources.

Standardized Tests

Visit the College Board website for SAT and SAT subject test dates, deadlines and registration information.  You will also find information about the PSAT/NMSQT and the AP program:

For a pre-test checklist for the SAT and SAT Subject tests visit



College Search and Application

The College Board’s bigfuture portal is where the college plan begins.  Students create an account and generate a list of schools to consider and research.

The Common Application has almost 500 member schools.  Students create an account and can complete their college application process entirely online.

US News and World Reports College Rankings

For a list of schools that do not require, or variably consider standardized testing in their admissions process visit:


International Students

TOEFL testing is required of all international students who wish to pursue a post secondary American education.  Information about the testing process as well as registration portals can be found at:

World Education Services helps individuals and institutions translate and verify their academic credentials.

International Student Financial Aid:


Intercollegiate Athletics   

Aspiring student-athletes who are considering competition at the Division I and II level must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center:


Scholarships and Financial-Aid

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

The College Planning Center of RI:

The RI Higher Education Authority:

The Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority:


Other Links:

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