International Student
Host Family Program

Each year St. Andrew’s welcomes several international students into its Upper School.  Our entire community benefits from the dynamic environment these international students help to create, but we also carry some additional responsibility for the care of these students.  

Voluntary participation in the host family program can range from the donation of an occasional care package to the provision of room and board for a student over a weekend or school vacation.

International Students arrive at St. Andrew’s needing varying levels of support.  Some have a relative or friend who lives in the region.  Others may be completely alone in the United States.  When school is not in session and the dormitories are closed, students without local guardians may need host families who can help with one or more of the situations listed below.  Each student will be matched with a Host Family who is able to meet his or her needs.

Host Over Thanksgiving Vacation
This is the time of year when there is the greatest need for host families.  Most international students do not go home over Thanksgiving break and those without local guardians will need to be hosted for the week.

Host Over Winter/Spring Vacation
Most international students will return home for the winter and spring break.  However, each year there are a few students who are not able to make the trip.  If these students do not have relatives in the United States or an invitation from a friend, they will need to be hosted.

Host Over Overnight Stay Before or After a Vacation
Due to international flight schedules, some students will need to be hosted at the beginning or end of a major vacation, usually just for one night, this situation could also involve providing airport transportation.

Opening your home to an international student for a few hours or a few days during the school year will mean a great deal to the child and his or her parents, and it can also be an excellent opportunity for your family. In an increasingly globalized society, exposure to other cultures is invaluable.  Recognizing this, the school plans to sponsor at least one outing this year between host family children who attend St. Andrew’s and the student they are hosts to.  The aim of such an outing would be to expose the American host student to the culture of the student they are hosting, giving the American host student some sense of what it is like to be immersed in another culture, as well as to give the international hosted student a chance to share pieces of their own culture with their American counterpart.

We are looking for families who are interested in developing a yearlong relationship with a student, as well as those who would rather do a short-term home stay, such as hosting for a weekend or over the Thanksgiving holiday. 

You are welcome to become a host family at whatever level of commitment is comfortable for you.  You may want to consider sharing the responsibilities of hosting a student with another family.  We hope that a mutually beneficial and positive relationship will develop between each host family and their international student.

If you are interested in becoming part of our host family program, please contact Jonathan Alschuler via email (jalschuler@standrews-ri.org) or phone at 401-246-1230 extension 3032. You could also complete the questionnaire to indicate your desired level of participation and return it to me via email or standard mail. 

I hope that you consider taking advantage of this exciting opportunity, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about it.

Introductory Parent Contact
- Please call or email once school starts to introduce your family and welcome your student to St. Andrews

Fall Contact - Please make a follow up face to face contact with your student in September to see how he or she is settling in at St. Andrew’s.  Alumni Homecoming and Parents Weekend in October is also an excellent occasion to come to campus and spend time with your international student. 

Winter Contact - Please make another face to face contact during January-February.  Any activity that involves leaving campus would be greatly appreciated by an international boarding student.

Spring Contact - Please make another face to face contact with your international student before the school year concludes and they depart for the summer.

   Jonathan Alschuler
   Director of Student Life
   and Dean of Students

   Ph: 401.246.1230 Ext. 3032

   Robert Tisdale
Director of Residential Life
   Ph: 401.246.1230 Ext. 3109


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