Yearbook - 2016

As we begin the school year, the yearbook staff is excited about planning another memorable yearbook. In this age of technology, most of us can access pictures, words, and quotes from each other on Facebook, Instagram, cell phones, etc. But that doesn't take the place of a great yearbook – one that you can hold in your hands, have classmates personally sign commemorative acknowledgements, and look at for many years to come. That's why purchasing a yearbook is so important.

Mare Studios comes to St. Andrew's and takes photos of all of the students. These pictures are used as yearbook photos for the underclassmen and for seniors who chose this image on his or her personal half page.  Every senior is welcome to use this image on his or her page. We do not require that seniors sit for a formal portrait for their senior page. Students are welcomed to use a different photographer and/or a different setting. 


The yearbook is completely in color and covers the essence of St. Andrew’s School and what makes it such a special place. Order NOW and SAVE!! From now until November 30th , you can purchase The Andrean  for $75!  December 1st thru January 31st yearbooks will cost $80. After that deadline, all yearbooks will cost $85.  Last day to order is February 19th.  There will not be a Waiting List.  SENIORS DON'T NEED TO ORDER.  They  will receive their complimentary yearbook in May. Seniors receive a half page in the yearbook to create their page as they wish. The yearbook staff will work with the members of the class in order to meet the deadline (November 20th). More detailed information will be given to your senior in September.

If a senior is planning on having a formal portrait, please refer to the Senior Formal Photo Submission Requirements at right. THE SUBMISSION DEADLINE FOR ALL PORTRAITS IS FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 6TH. Seniors have the option of having the photographer email the picture directly to the Yearbook adviser. Direct all questions to Lisa Goniprow at yearbook@standrews-ri.org or call at 401-246-1230, ext. 3054.

DEADLINE FOR SENIORS TO COMPLETE HIS OR HER PAGE IS FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20TH AT 3:00 PM. The staff and Yearbook adviser works with the members of the class in order to meet that deadline.


A separate yearbook for the Middle School students is created every year and includes memorable moments throughtout the year. The cost of this year's yearbook will be determined at a later date. Not a requirement but FREE Message Ads are an opportunity for families of 8th Grade Graduates (similar to the Upper School Yearbook) to see personal messages in their yearbooks. You can also send in email messages (photos should be a jpeg) and photos. Middle School contact person TBD. Deadline information coming soon.

   Download the pdf instructing
   seniors how to complete their
   pages. Click here to log in and
   start the process through
   completion. Make sure to save
   your work before logging off!

   - Deadline: Fri., Nov. 6th
   - JPG or TIF photo file format
   - Min. 300 DPI resolution
   - Min. size 3" wide x 5" deep
   - Portrait orientation

   now by clicking here.
   (Seniors exempt).

   This is a creative way to show
   your senior how proud you are
   and how much you love them.
   You can either Download the
   pdf order form here, include
   check made out to St. Andrew's
   School, and follow directions
   for submittal or purchase a
   Recognition ad online by
   clicking here.
   Friday, January 15th is
   the submission deadline.



  Lisa Goniprow
  Upper School Yearbook Adviser
  Ph: 401.246.1230 Ext. 3054

  Jonathan Alschuler
  Director of Student Life
  and Dean of Students
  Ph: 401.246.1230 Ext. 3032


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