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Rhode Island’s perspective and possibility widening boarding and day school, grades 6-12 and postgraduate.

Focus Program

The Focus Program was developed for students experiencing attentional and/or organizational or executive functioning difficulties. Students may need extra review of assignments, support to improve handing in assignments in a timely manner, or even time management in breaking down long term assignments. In addition, support may be needed with materials management, or organization to build efficiency in finding needed items. Still others may need support with planning ahead to build success, learning how to initiate a challenging task in a timely manner, knowing what to do when completing school tasks when they go home, and how to get started. The goal is not only to improve these executive skills and strategies, but also to also reduce stress and increase academic success. Initiated in 1995, the program is available at both the Middle and Upper School levels. 

Middle School Focus Program:
 Daily instruction with a Learning Services teacher is provided as part of each student's Reading and Language Arts classes. Students also work closely with an adviser on these goals.  

Upper School Focus Program:
 Students take a 45-minute class five times per week after lunch with a learning specialist to support skill and strategy development or an equivalent 70-minute class three times per week.   

In the Upper School, students take Learning Services courses in addition to their core academic and elective classes.  Freshman year, a Learning Service support class may need to be taken instead of an art, foreign language class, or other class. After freshman year, more opportunity opens up for electives.