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Making the Most of Every Opportunity: A Conversation with Yuzhe “Felix” Huang '18

A junior from Guangzhou, China, Yuzhe “Felix” Huang is a member of the Math Team, co-founder of the Drone Club, an admissions and alumni ambassador, a member of the 100+ Hours Community Service Club, and an honors student. He is a student leader and a friendly, welcoming presence on campus, fully embodying the Chapin Tradition.
SAS: What is your favorite part about going to school at St. Andrew’s?
YH: St. Andrew’s is like a family. Everyone is nice and takes care of each other — not just the students, but also the faculty. The dorm parents are like my second parents. Sometimes after a short break, like after Thanksgiving, when I come back to the dorm, I feel like, “Ahh, I’m home.” Mostly because of the people.
SAS: You are taking some very challenging classes, including AP Physics and AP Calculus. What do you enjoy about your classes?
YH: I like every class I take. My current schedule is very tough. I try to learn as much as I can and make the most of every opportunity available to me. St. Andrew’s is a great place so why not take advantage of the resources? I’m taking Spanish and German. For me it’s fun to learn other languages. My ultimate goal is to travel around the world, so if I can learn more languages, I can have more freedom. Also, I want to start my own business like my dad so knowing languages can help you communicate with more people. I already know Mandarin and English, so if I can learn Spanish and German it would be useful.
SAS: You are one of the founders of the Drone Club. Tell us about it.
YH: William [Zekun] Wu and I started the club. I organize and manage the funds for the club. We want to help people in our school develop this interest. We teach the club members basic theory about how a plane flies and then they get to build one. We have remote control aircraft that we build out of foam core board and then we fly them. We also have purchased drones that we use for photography and taking videos. I think all boys have a dream of building a plane and flying it. It’s cool to make something and have it fly.
SAS: You hold many leadership positions on campus: manager for the boysprep basketballand soccer teams, admissions and alumni ambassador, junior class treasurer, library prefect, National Honor Society member, and Chapin List student. Why is it important to you to develop leadership skills?
YH: Leadership positions help me train myself. Being a leader makes me be patient, think before making decisions, and listen to everyone else’s ideas. I like getting people together and actually accomplishing something. In student government, Headmaster Tinagero encouraged us to draft a constitution to regulate what student government does. We are working on that so that we can run it like a real government. I like to accomplish things and help people.
SAS: What are your plans for your senior year and after graduation?
YH: I want to finish strong. I want to go to a good college and do more to help St. Andrew’s because it’s a great place and I’m thankful for it. I’d like to major in either business or engineering; those are the fields I’m heading into.
SAS: What is your favorite memory from your time at St. Andrew’s so far?
YH: There are so many! Last year when our soccer team won the championship — that moment was really amazing. It was my first year on the soccer team and we were like a family. We protect each other. That means a lot to me. The feeling that we actually achieved our goal was a great thing. It was not an easy win. It was double overtime. We were so happy — Coach Hart jumped two feet off the ground!
Rhode Island’s perspective and possibility widening boarding and day school, grades 6-12 and postgraduate