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Small Classes and Abundant Opportunities: A Conversation with Charlie Whittaker '23

Charlie Whittaker ’23 just finished his first year at St. Andrew’s. The rising seventh grader from Barrington, Rhode Island sat down with us to talk about his St. Andrew’s experience so far and what he’s looking forward to in the years to come.
SAS: Why did you and your family choose St. Andrew’s?
CW: I came here because of the smaller classes. That way, the teacher can focus more on one student at a time and not just constantly be running around. Instead of having 10 kids each with a raised hand and a question, you don’t have more than five or six here, which is how many kids are in the class. That was probably the biggest reason.
SAS: What was the most memorable moment for you from this year?
CW: Probably playing on the soccer team because it’s my favorite sport. And knowing that I’m doing well academically – that was great.
SAS: Tell us about something you’ve done this year that was new for you.
CW: Something brand new? For one, dance class. I’ve never had that before. We had to perform this ballet on Grandparents Day. At first we were just stretching and learning the positions and about all different types of dance. Then we watched The Nutcracker, which was pretty cool, and then we started practicing a ballet to Where the Wild Things Are. I enjoyed it.
Project Adventure – that was fun and new. I did the summer camp for that, too, which was enjoyable. There’s a giant ropes course in the back of the school by the woods. Sadly, all the ones really high up in the air need to be repaired so we couldn’t do those, but the ones low to the ground were still fun. And there were a bunch of challenging activities that we got to do. There’s an area with a few benches and there’s another section with grass. We had a board, a rope, and pole and we had to get a bucket from out of the grass but we couldn’t touch the grass. It’s hands-on problem solving. There was another part of the course that had a triangular frame where you stood in it and there were four or five ropes and you would tell people to pull the ropes to make the frame swing. That was so much fun and so great.
SAS: What is your favorite class and why?
CW: Math. It has always been my favorite subject. Mr. Lo is my math and science teacher. We’ve been learning integers, negatives, a lot of things on angles, order of operations, and multistep problems. With math, there are three ways to learn things – seeing, hearing, or doing it. Any one of those three and it’s stuck in my mind forever. It comes to me very easily.
SAS: What is something you’re looking forward to next year?
CW: One thing is using the Project Adventure ropes course again and another thing is science and math with Mr. Gordon. You can hear reactions – like “Aww” and “Yeeeeah!”- and cheering and laughing from Mr. Gordon’s classroom and it seems really fun.
SAS: What is something you’d want others to know about St. Andrew’s?
CW: Nice community, great food, smaller classes, the specials, and teachers. It’s very welcoming – everyone’s really welcoming. There are opportunities to go out and do things – a bunch of community service opportunities, lots of sports, and in the high school there is a trip to Italy, which is cool. You have things ranging from traveling to a different continent and math club to reading club, theater club, and drone club, which I’ve never seen at another school –it’s really cool, I’m really interested in that.
Rhode Island’s perspective and possibility widening boarding and day school, grades 6-12 and postgraduate