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St. Andrew’s School is a nurturing, challenging, and safe educational community serving students in grades 6-12 and postgraduate (PG).

Our dedicated faculty and staff embrace, encourage, educate, and empower students one mind at a time. Our Episcopal heritage guides our moral and ethical values.

Academic success and personal growth are promoted so that students can purposefully engage, succeed, and thrive in school and in life.

Guiding Principles

After many discussions and careful consideration, St. Andrew's adopted guiding principles as a way of pinpointing the overall vision of the School. Listed below are key points that reflect the core values of our community, and major components in fulfilling a St. Andrew's education. We believe in and practice the concept of “students first” and strive to ensure that all of our decisions — academic, fiscal, and philosophical — emanate from this conviction.

  1. We are committed to a curriculum that prepares young men and women for life and ensures that all who seek access to higher education will be sufficiently prepared.
  2. We value a community as diverse as the world in which we live, and therefore accept students based solely on their capacity to learn, grow, and flourish because of our approach to education.
  3. We pledge to offer sufficient financial aid to fulfill our mission.
  4. We uphold the conviction that our students learn best in a small, intimate environment that allows for personal attention and ongoing interaction with faculty.
  5. We seek to create a campus-wide environment that fosters growth in all its dimensions — intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual — and promotes learning in the classroom and beyond.
  6. We embrace the arts, athletics, and community service as essential elements of a St. Andrew’s education.
  7. We strive to enhance the spiritual, moral, and ethical development of our students by offering courses, programs, and activities that nourish not just the head, but the heart and soul.
  8. We recognize the importance of recruiting and retaining the very best faculty and staff, and we work diligently toward that end.

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