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A Second Home, a School Family

Whether a St. Andrew’s student moves into a residence hall or remains at home, the moment they enroll here they gain a second home and a school family.Residential life at St Andrew's

Our boarding students come from across the region and around the world and immediately find welcoming peers and experienced teachers — all of whom work conscientiously to make a challenging transition easier. And in return, our boarders gift our community with fresh perspectives and a national and global awareness that infuses our lessons and conversations. Our day students also constitute an integral part of St. Andrew’s lively 24/7 culture. They arrive early for breakfast, stay after dinner to study and socialize, spend time hanging out and sleeping over in our dorms, and come to campus on weekends and holidays to take part in special programming and weekend events.Residential life at St Andrews RIAll St. Andrew’s students benefit profoundly from day and night access to faculty members, from peers who offer diverse perspectives and uncommon kindness, and from extraordinary extracurricular opportunities to go, see, serve, and experience together. Our boarding atmosphere bonds our students into a tightly knit learning community, which, in turn, empowers everyone to rise to greater expectations and meet higher academic standards.


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