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IB diploma programServing students in grades six through ten, the IB Middle Years Program (MYP) is a challenging course of study that encourages students to make practical connections between what they learn and the real world. Inclusive by design, the MYP benefits students of all interests and academic abilities.

The MYP organizes teaching and learning through eight subject groups: language and literature, individuals and societies, sciences, mathematics, arts, physical and health education, design, and language acquisition. Interdisciplinary teaching and learning addresses the developmental needs of students in this age group and prepares them for further academic study and life in an increasingly interconnected world.

In grade 10, the MYP culminates in a long-term independent personal project that offers students the opportunity to individually demonstrate their skills in self-management, research, communication, critical and creative thinking, and collaboration.

Program Spotlight

Personal Project

In their final year (10th grade), Middle Years Program students explore an area of personal curiosity over an extended period of time.

Guided by a faculty mentor, each student engages in an independent process of inquiry and reflection, creating a final product that can take a variety of different forms. As the culminating experience of the MYP, the personal project is an exciting opportunity for students to demonstrate the skills they have mastered over the course of the program.

The possibilities are endless, but some examples of personal projects include:

  • Creating an original piece of artwork
  • Designing a fitness program for the community
  • Chronicling personal family stories
  • Making a short film
  • Using CAD to design a “green” home
  • Creating and coding a video game
  • Running a fundraising event
  • Building a piece of furniture
  • Learning a new sport like skiing or rock climbing
  • Writing a play or short story

Course Spotlight

Saints 101 and 102

In these two courses, taken during ninth and tenth grade respectively, students learn how to do high school “well” and to embrace both the academic and non academic pathways of their St. Andrew’s experience.

During team-taught class time, students strengthen their community, both internally and externally; become agents of change through their words and actions; become stakeholders in the head, heart, and soul of their school through meaningful interactions with one another; and foster understanding of what it means to be a “Saint.”

In Saints 101 and 102, students engage in activities such as:

  • Making connections with St. Andrew’s alumni through an oral history project.
  • Service projects that are meant to help better the internal and external community.
  • Developing a deeper understanding around the importance of academic integrity through lessons on digital citizenship.

* St. Andrew’s is currently an authorized IB Diploma Program school and a candidate for Middle Years Program authorization. Only schools authorized by the IB Organization can offer any of its four academic programs: the Primary Years Program (PYP), the Middle Years Program (MYP), the Diploma Program (DP), or the Career-related Program (CP). Candidate status gives no guarantee that authorization will be granted.

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