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You Are Forever a Saint

St. Andrew's invites you back to campus! You will be amazed both by what the school has become and by how much the heart of the school remains the same.

You will see a continuation of St. Andrew’s timeless, defining values - and we need your help to ensure that our collective memories are preserved while our traditions are upheld.

We encourage you to remain connected to the school and to each other. St. Andrew's is always a home and resource for you. We are proud of your successes and want to celebrate your achievements with our community.

Alumni Events

Stay tuned for announcements of upcoming alumni gatherings and events.

Please reconnect with us by emailing Pam Durant Farmer, or by calling at 401-246-1230 ext. 3128.

    Alumni Newsletters

    Alumni Association Officers

    Seaniah Ballah '09 and Leela Ballah '08Michael Oelbaum '93 and David Coop '01


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