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St. Andrew's Fund

You Help Us Build a Better Tomorrow!

Because of your financial support, we can strengthen St. Andrew's School for our students and faculty.

Tuition alone does not cover the cost of all we do, so your contributions are essential to sustaining our community. Your participation in the St. Andrew's Fund provides immediate support for our programs providing the best educational experience for our students.

Your contributions:

  • Educate our students through our International Baccalaureate curriculum;
  • Retain and attract the most talented teaching professionals;
  • Provide arts, athletics, and leadership opportunities that enrich the educational experience;
  • Enhance student life for our day and boarding students through our residential culture;
  • Maintain and beautify our 80-acre campus that includes classrooms, housing, and nature trails.

We celebrate gifts of all sizes. Whether you can give $5, $50, $500, or more, your support helps us ensure that our programs and mission continue to expand.

Donate Now

Your investment in our school strengthens our school. Read some recent highlights below that are made possible by our generous donor community. Thank you for your support!

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St. Andrew's Spring 2023 Gratitude Report
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Giving Societies

We thank our generous Circle of Saints monthly donors!  

  • Anonymous (2)
  • Jacante & Jason Arnone
  • Richard & Kim Buckett
  • Tom & Jessica Chace
  • Kerrie & Ian Donahue
  • Lisette & Blinn Dorsey
  • Victoria Drew 
  • Charles K. Dwyer
  • Alison & Greg Fox
  • Rachel Greenleaf
  • Mike & Janie Hart
  • McKayla Hoffman
  • Samantha and Eric Kravitz
  • Angelina LaCarrubba
  • Jodi & Eamon Lawless
  • Abdourahmane & Anta Lo
  • Paola & Alex Martinez
  • Alexandra McMullen
  • Elizabeth Michaud
  • Stephanie Morin & Christopher Hibbard
  • Liz & Sung Park
  • The Pierce Family
  • Tracy Reilly
  • Andrew & Laurie Schirber
  • Mike Smith & Allison Ingram
  • Anya & Adam Telford '04
  • David & Amy Tinagero
  • Robert & Johanna Tisdale
  • Mr. Percy Williams, III and Mrs. Sharon Watkinson-Williams
  • Anna Wingfield & Adam Langehough

Interested in joining the Circle of Saints?

St. Andrew’s Fund Frequently Asked Questions

Why does St. Andrew's need a Fund?

St. Andrew's operating budget income is made up of tuition, endowment income, auxiliary income, and the St. Andrew's Fund. The St. Andrew's Fund accounts for 7% of the budget. To keep tuition levels accessible to our families, there is a tuition gap that the St. Andrew's Fund helps to fill. This gap for the 2019-2020 school year is approximately $3,000 per student. Unlike tuition, contributions to the St. Andrew's Fund are fully tax-deductible.

Why is the St. Andrew's Fund important?

The St. Andrew's Fund provides an opportunity to contribute to the people and programs that make the school the best educational option for students. Community participation in the St. Andrew's Fund demonstrates our continued commitment to our mission and vision, and makes a powerful statement to potential families and institutional funders.

What is the goal of the St. Andrew's Fund?

In one word: participation. While monetary goals are set each year, the ultimate goal is always 100% participation from all members of the community. The school is proud to have a loyal and committed group of donors and together our combined support makes so much possible for students.

Does my gift really matter?

YES, it absolutely does! Participation is our ultimate goal for the St. Andrew's Fund, for all members of our community. Foundations and other charitable institutions look at participation in St. Andrew's fundraising efforts before deciding to award any grants or funds, so your donation - no matter how small or large - truly counts.

What does the St. Andrew's Fund support?

All gifts - of any size - are used immediately in the current school year to support the schools day-to-day operations and budgetary needs. Your contribution will directly impact our students' daily experience; in the classroom, in the studios or on the stage, on the fields or courts, and campus-wide.