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Our Uncommonly Kind Community

Our students come from throughout New England, across the country, and around the world— each bringing fresh perspectives and unique backstories.

Here, we unite around certain shared values—academic commitment, empathetic engagement, and respectful curiosity—that bind us all into a cohesive, uncommonly kind culture. Building community and connection is an essential part of the St. Andrew’s community.

Extraordinary Opportunities

The st andrews experienceAt St. Andrew’s, we believe our essential college-prep curriculum works best when combined with a wide range of athletic, artistic, and co-curricular offerings.

We know student athletes build stronger minds in important, unexpected ways. Exercise affects brain chemistry, stimulating learning and intensifying concentration, while physical exertion releases stress. And because that adds up to better performance in the classroom, as well as on the playing field, we make sure every student finds a way to engage in sports and wellness programming. We also ensure that all of our students sculpt or paint, sing in the chorus or act in the class play, or explore photography or study dance. St. Andrew’s is deeply committed to arts programming because we understand that creative exploration begets intellectual energy. By teaching our students to express themselves creatively, we believe we also equip them to communicate their ideas more clearly.

Moreover, our co-curricular activities, special events, trips, and service opportunities lead our students bravely past the confines of our campus — so their ideas and intellectual energy can be brought to bear in real-world situations.

The st andrews experience

Morning Meeting

Two mornings a week, our entire community gathers for our all-school Morning Meeting —  a centerpiece of our community life.This is a time for connection, announcements, reflection, celebration, and appreciation. These gatherings usually include a Chapin Talk, an opportunity for students to share their voice on an issue or topic they are passionate about.

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