Rhode Island’s perspective and possibility widening boarding and day school, grades 6-12 and postgraduate.

Living the Legacy

St. Andrew’s has changed dramatically over the course of its history, evolving from an orphanage to a working farm to the fine college-preparatory school it is today. Alumni returning to St. Andrew’s after a long absence are sometimes amazed, both by what the school has become and by how different it seems from the place they remember fondly. But we hope alumni also see a continuation of St. Andrew’s timeless, defining values — and we need their help to ensure that our collective memories are preserved while our traditions are upheld.
St. Andrew’s encourages alumni to remain connected to the school and to each other by offering alum tours, planning special events, organizing reunions, and coordinating alumni donor initiatives.
Are you a St. Andrew’s alum? Please reconnect with us by contacting Pamela Farmer, our assistant director of development for Alumni Relations, at pfarmer@standrews-ri.org or 401-246-1230.

Alumni Association Officers

President: David Coop '01
Vice President: Russ Ferreira '90
Secretary: Priscilla Kooris '06
Treasurer: David Turner '87

Class Agents

Would you like to be a class agent? Contact Pam Farmer.

1952: Al McBride
1969: James Jackson
1971: Geoff Carr
1977: Wayne Montague
1981: Chris Voll
1982: Tony Monteleone
1984: Howie Cross
1986: Chuck Ransom
1987: Billy Jones
1988: Joe Siegling
1989: Jason Farley
1990: Russ Ferreira
1991: Jen Foulkes
1992: Mike Jackson
1994: Andrew Weiner
1998: John Chmura
1999: Marcos Figueredo
2000: Amanda Githens
2001: David Coop
2002: Vicky Posner
2003: Claudel Jean-Louis
2004: Sara Richardson
2005: Stephen Morrissey
2006: Lindsey Gilbert
2007: Charlie Choop
2008: Victoria Salvadore and Ben White
2009: Nate Dubuc
2010: Anthony Harden and Antone Harden
2013: Angelika Pellegrino
2015: Courtney Giedt and Morgan Silva

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