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The Wolf Academy at St. Andrew's School to open doors Fall 2022

The Wolf Academy at St. Andrew's School to open doors Fall 2022
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The Wolf School and St. Andrew’s School partner to create a supportive and comprehensive high school option for complex learners.

With the goal of increasing access to a wider range of learners and expanding secondary school options to East Providence’s Wolf School graduates, St. Andrew’s School, an independent boarding and day school in Barrington, RI, will launch The Wolf Academy at St. Andrew’s in Fall of 2022.

Designed for high school students who have complex learning needs and require multiple learning supports, The Wolf Academy at St. Andrew’s will employ the highly effective Immersion Model© developed by The Wolf School, a private special education K-8 school in East Providence, RI. The Wolf Academy will open with a 9th grade class and add an additional grade each year — with a final total student enrollment  of approximately 25 students. St. Andrew’s will offer a boarding option to Wolf Academy students beginning in Fall of 2026. The academy will serve as a high school option for Wolf School students, as well as students from St. Andrew’s broader applicant pool.

“We are very excited to leverage our expertise and that of The Wolf School to create an academy at St. Andrew’s for complex learners who require significant learning support but are looking for all the benefits of a traditional private high school experience,” said David Tinagero, St. Andrew’s Head of School. “There are great students that we’ve had to turn away that we will now be able to embrace as part of our full school community.”

Within the Immersion Model©, a team of professionals — including a special education teacher, a speech pathologist, and an occupational therapist — works with small groups of students to ensure that their academic lessons integrate language, sensory, and social skills. 

Students enrolled in The Wolf Academy at St. Andrew’s School will benefit from the embedded services and supports offered by the Immersion Model©, and will also be an integrated part of the St. Andrew’s community — with access to the school’s International Baccalaureate curriculum, dynamic extracurricular offerings, and social opportunities. 

Anna Johnson, Wolf School’s Head of School said that this partnership will provide a great opportunity for many students at Wolf who are looking for the next step in their academic journey.

“I know that many of our students will thrive at St. Andrew’s,” Johnson said. “These are students who are eager to learn, who want to participate in sports and arts programming, and who look forward to making friends in a larger school community. The Wolf Academy at St. Andrew’s is an opportunity for both schools to help them make this important transition.”

Tinagero says that the inclusion of The Wolf Academy resonates with St. Andrew’s mission and values — particularly around the importance of student neurodiversity. 

 “At St. Andrew’s, we pride ourselves on meeting learners where they’re at and offering multiple ways for them to approach learning and thrive in their academics,” Tinagero said. “We know that this approach is a win-win for all of our students. We know that having a diversity of learners improves the academic and community experience for all — and better prepares students for life after high school. Opening The Wolf Academy at St. Andrew’s means we will have even more beautiful minds contributing to the deep learning and uncommon kindness that characterize this school. I can’t wait to begin.”


About St. Andrew’s School

St. Andrew’s School is an independent nondenominational day and boarding school serving 225 students in grades 6-12 and postgraduate (PG). Within small, supportive classes, our teachers utilize the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum to build on unique strengths and passions, shore up individual challenges, and arrive at specific strategies that work for each student. Nearly 25 percent of our students access our Learning Services program where we lead learners from uncertainty to engagement using their own interests and instincts as their guide. Our co-curricular and student life programs complement our academic programs by offering students myriad opportunities to explore their interests, develop passions, and engage meaningfully with faculty and peers. St. Andrew’s faculty, staff, and students unite around certain shared values — academic commitment, empathetic engagement, and respectful curiosity – that bind us all into a cohesive, uncommonly kind community.


About Wolf School 

The Wolf School is a private special education K-8 school in East Providence, RI, that inspires complex learners to discover confidence, compassion and a love of learning to reach their full potential. Wolf addresses the needs of children with multiple diagnoses and complex learning profiles using a skillfully designed Immersion Model©. This approach “immerses” an occupational therapist and speech therapist in the classroom to work directly alongside the special education teacher, building a trilogy of clinical input into the curriculum. Our teams provide individualized instruction in small groups, targeted movement activities to increase focus and ready students for learning, strategies for social/emotional regulation, sensory supports, and hands-on experiential learning. With this approach, children who cannot manage a traditional classroom environment reduce their school stress and anxiety, gain confidence, and achieve academic and social success.


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Director of Communications

St. Andrew’s School


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The Wolf Academy at St. Andrew's School to open doors Fall 2022