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Rhode Island’s perspective and possibility widening boarding and day school, grades 6-12 and postgraduate.


Student Leadership

Leadership Opportunities

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  • Chapin List

    The Chapin List is comprised of those students who have shown reliable consistency in their community involvement, leadership ability, maturity of temperament, and problem-solving ability, as well as having the respect of the community. These students are deemed worthy of the community’s trust and are expected to act as student leaders and role models for the rest of the student body. Appointment to the Chapin List (twice yearly, in fall and spring) is accompanied by particular responsibilities (such as serving on the Disciplinary Committee) and privileges (such as the ability to opt out of Study Hall). Members of the Chapin List are selected by a committee of five faculty members who review a portfolio of information to determine eligibility.

    Interested students should have the following to be considered:

    • Seniors who wish to apply will need to have completed 25 hours of community service for fall applications and 50 hours of community service for spring applications.
    • Juniors who wish to apply will need to have completed 30 hours of community service for fall applications and 40 hours for spring applications. 
    • Students will need to meet with Ms. Park to review the application process and eligibility.
  • National Honor Society

    An Honor Society for juniors and seniors who achieve a high academic standard and excellent conduct. National Honor Society members volunteer their time on campus and provide peer-to-peer tutoring services.
  • Admission Ambassadors

    Student ambassadors work closely with the Admission Office and represent the School to visiting families and prospective students. Ambassadors lead campus tours, host students for day visits, and sometimes accompany Admission officers to school fairs and presentations at other schools.
  • Dorm Proctors

    Students who have consistently demonstrated leadership and strong character may apply to fill one of six dorm proctor positions; selection of proctors is made by the dorm parents. Dorm proctor responsibilities include ensuring that dorm chores are completed nightly; distributing and collecting weekend plans; monitoring lights out; monitoring study hall; and being a positive presence in the dorm. Dorm proctors are eligible for a number of privileges not afforded to other boarders, such as no lights out.
  • Library Prefects

    Juniors and seniors may apply for library prefect positions. One prefect is selected to cover each class period and each evening night. These students assist the librarian and help students in finding and checking out library materials. They may cover the library if the librarian is away from her desk.
  • Student Government

    Grades 9-11 elect up to three class representatives who are typically assigned the following class duties: fundraising, community service, and class functions (e.g., dances). Class representatives work closely with their faculty class advisers to achieve the class’ goals. The senior class elects officers who hold schoolwide positions: a president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary. These officers typically run Morning Meeting and work with their senior class advisors and the administration to achieve schoolwide goals and initiatives.


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  • Photo of Stephanie Morin

    Stephanie Morin 

    Assistant Head of School for Institutional Advancement/Director of Student Life
  • Elizabeth Park 

    Dean of Students
  • Ann Allain 

    School Counselor
  • Michael Hart 

    Director of Athletics
  • Photo of Robert Tisdale

    Robert Tisdale 

    Director of Residential Life/Humanities Faculty